We’re a month into 2013 so I’ll give a keep re-cap. So much has changed! Molly and Madelynn, you go to speech therapy every Thursday at ECC. You really enjoy it and it has helped your speech so much! I knew there would never be a problem, but you were a little bit behind in your speech, so I thought we would be proactive. It was frustrating, at times, for all of us, when you weren’t able to form sentences. You knew what you wanted or what you were trying to say, but you just couldn’t get the words out. You would become discouraged and crabby. In the last few months, you went from saying one word at a time to now four or five. You don’t stop talking now!! And you are so darn funny… I just crack up at the things that come out of your mouth sometimes! In early January, I left one day to get a pedicure. I came home to hear that Molly had fallen down the stairs and was limping. The next day at the doctor (who you hated), we found out you actually broke your heel! It was purple, everyone signed it and we called it your magic boot. The first time you looked at me with tears in your eyes and said “too tight, mommy off please”, I got tears in my eyes too and almost cut the darn thing off myself! But, within days, you were back to running around, jumping and break dancing! That magic boot didn’t phase you! The first few days, we stuck around the house to help you get used to it. In those few days, both of you girls became potty trained! I couldn’t believe how easy it was! You just did it and never looked back! We also took you out of your “baby beds” (toddler beds) and into your big girl rooms! Molly’s room was painted purple and you both have been sleeping together every night. Maddy’s room will be painted pink this week… I wonder if she will want to go to her own bed then or keep sharing with sissy? Either way is fine with me! The magic boot came off a week ago and I was so proud of both my girls! Maddy stuck right by her sister, covering her ears when the saw got loud, and Molly didn’t cry at all! (If you knew how much you hated Dr.’s offices, you’d know why this was a big deal!) We brought a “magic dress” with us and covered our faces with it so the Dr. couldn’t see us! It worked! The boot came off, no tears were shed, and we all are super happy! The first thing we did when we got home was jump in the tub! It had been a month since you girls could play in the bath tub together so you surely made up for it- you were in the tub splashing and playing for almost 2 hours that night!

All and all, January was a big month of change for you girls. You just grew up over night! It’s exciting and sad! But you will always be my babies no matter how big you get! šŸ™‚

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